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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Tribus Business Ltd. (martiGO)

  1. The Tribus Business Ltd. (hereinafter martiGO) is always the mere intermediary between the customer and airline company, hotel, rental car Company and other parties who are involved in the booking process. martiGO is not responsible for the finalizing the booking itself. Only the partner can decide whether to approve the booking or not.
  2. martiGO offers you the cheapest trips; but is not involved in the planning process, which means that martiGO can’t be held accountable for incomplete or wrong customer information and itinerary.
  3. Should you have any problems regarding your flight, accommodation at hotel or rental cars; please contact the relevant company directly. martiGO is not able to influence other companies’ decisions and policies. IV. We can take care of your booking modifications or book additional services on your behalf, but in return, we charge a service fee which is completely independent from the fees charged by partner companies.

Contents of contract, Due diligence, Payment Terms, Changes in the bookings

  1. martiGO is an online travel search engine. We can give you information about the availability and prices of flights, hotels and rental cars.
  2. martiGO acts on the partner’s behalf and account; and communicates between the partner (supplier) and customer. When a booking is finalized, there is a valid contract between the supplier and the customer. martiGO must be the intermediary between these two parties. martiGO has nothing to do with suppliers’ decisions whether accept a customer or not.
  3. Whether a contract will be finalized or not; and if yes, how, entirely depends on the supplier and customer.
  4. Our GTC are only valid for our intermediary role. They are not valid for the suppliers and their services or products. Suppliers have their own GTC which can be different than ours. They can also provide service in specific languages. The customer, then, has to make sure that they understand the supplier.
  5. The current GTC on the day of booking are always valid, even if they change later. Conditions of customers are only valid if martiGO has agreed to them in a written agreement.
  6. Our customers can find all information related to their trip in our confirmation e-mails or in their accounts on our website.
  7. The offers on martiGO are not necessarily an obligation for martiGO or the supplier. If a customer wants to make a reservation, they can do so by providing us with the data needed. We will then forward them as the intermediary to the supplier. As soon as the supplier agrees, we send our customer a conformation e-mail. The contract is always between the customer and supplier.
  8. Even if a customer finalizes more than one reservation via martiGO, martiGO always remains the intermediary and never acts as supplier of the bought service/product.
  9. The offers on martiGO are limited. We are not responsible for the availability if the supply is exhausted.
  10. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail from martiGO within an hour, please check your Junk mails first. If you can’t find such e-mail, please contact our service team.
  11. The customer is responsible for the different parts of their booking. We only want to warn our customers that the possibility of problems rises with the number of different suppliers.
  12. As soon as the customer receives our confirmation e-mail, it should be noted that it is not always possible to cancel the ticket/trip without paying any charges. Also, martiGO charges a service fee which is separate from the fees your supplier might charge.
  13. The customer is solely responsible for providing correct data to avoid delays, costs and complications.
  14. If the customer books a flight and the supplier can’t or doesn’t issue an e-ticket, our customer service will contact you within 48 hours to inform you about the next steps.If you don’t receive such call, please contact our service team. martiGO hold the freedom to reject the reservation if it proves to be too problematic. In this case, you will be refunded fully.
  15. Your personal data, especially your e-mail address must always up-to-date. It is also your responsibility to check your spam/junk folder.
  16. The customer has to check every confirmation and information mail and contact us immediately if there’s any incomplete or wrong data. It is also the customer’s obligation to check every confirmation e-mail and information provided in the e-ticket and contact us, if there is any incomplete or wrong data.
  17. If a service or product does not turn out to be as it is advertised, the customer must contact the supplier directly, as martiGO is not liable in such cases.
  18. Different suppliers have different policies such as check-in deadlines. The customer is responsible for informing themselves and complying with the policies; and is liable for costs or damages that result from negligence.
  19. The total price is visible during the whole booking process and payable after completion. Our handling fee will always be visible separately and won’t be refunded in the event of a cancellation or change of the original booking.
  20. The customer can choose between various payment methods at the end of the booking process. Potential fees will be shown before completing the booking process.
  21. Fees for modifications or cancellations of flights depend only on the supplier and their GTCs. They can go up to over 100% of the booking price. martiGO only charges a handling fee.
  22. The customer can contact our service team in cases of cancellation or changes. For this service, we charge a handling fee per ticket. Our service team will support you and explain you every possibility.
  23. The special offers on our website are only for customers to form a general insight about the prices. The prices shown during the whole booking process are the valid prices.
  24. It is martiGO’s responsibility to forward all relevant information and documents to the customer and supplier. The data these e-mails contain depend on the customer and supplier. martiGO cannot be held accountable for incorrect or incomplete data entries.
  25. martiGO is only responsible for completeness and correctness of the contents on its website, but not for the contents provided by third parties on our and their websites.
  26. martiGO is responsible for gross negligence, incorrect information and actions.
  27. The customer claims prescribe within a year beginning by the time the customer notices it except of customer claims which occur because of grossly negligent incorrect information and actions by martiGO.(bunu hiç anlamadım)
  28. martiGO can change the GTCs anytime but will inform the customers via e-mail regarding such changes.
  29. The contracts between the parties hereto are governed by Austrian law and the place of jurisdiction is Vienna.
  30. If any of the conditions above should be invalid, the others always remain valid.
  31. can initiate further checks on any payment method if fraud is suspected and request further information from the user. If further checks could not be made, is entitled to cancel the bookings. In such a case, the user will be contacted using the contact details provided when booking. The user is responsible for the correctness of the contact details and cannot accept any liability.

Update: 02.2021